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C-mpler Introduction


As a C lover, I've always wanted to be a master in programming in this language, but I never had the time for that. (My main language as a developer, for more than 5 years, is Python).

During the last year as a BSs CS student at Bar-Ilan University, I started to be a tutor for the "Intro to Computer Science" course, which in Bar-Ilan University is taught in C.

I had a lot of fun teaching many many students to program in C, and decided to write a notebook, in which I summarized the lessons I gave.

I published this notebook (If you want a copy - it's in Hebrew - please send me an email) to my students and their friends - and it became pretty famous in the University. (I still get emails from time to time - and more than 5 years passed since I published it).

In the next posts, I will rewrite this notebook (this time in English!).

After that, I will talk about Python or Kotlin - because I really believe you have to learn C first in order to be the best programmer you can and only then move on to another programming language. (You will understand why in the next posts).

Please feel free to send me an email about everything:

Always remember, it's much C-mpler than you thought!

Have fun and Good luck,

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