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Simple WordPress Widget for your Posts

I was bored and saw some posts of the users making use of the api so I threw together my own little project, a widget for your posts.

It shows the latest 30 posts by using the following API call:

A view of the widget admin, super simple:

Live view (showing Ben Halpen's posts) - The widget comes with no styling so uses the default styling from your theme.

http:// wpthemes4u. co. uk/plugins/ (remove spaces)

You can download the widget from, I will get it on Github when I get chance.

The API has a lot of data I can use to make the widget more interesting, what would you like to see? things I have considered are:

  • user card (with profile image, name, description & twitter url)
  • limit posts to a user defined number in the widget settings

Let me know any ideas to improve the widget or other ideas for WordPress integrations for

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