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I was a Lotus Notes Administrator and Developer for years. Then I became ill and I was out of commission for 6 years. I started to improve 2 years ago. I decided I wanted to return to work this pass September. But as we all know Lotus Notes died, at least in my area. So, talking with one of my son’s friends (actually, he is my other son by love not blood) he told me about Scrimba, I will be enterally grateful.
I am currently taking the Frontend Developer Career Path. I have never experienced a journey like this before. Everyone at Scrimba is so welcoming. The instructors are phenomenal!!!!

Then there is the entire community on Discord. So many people helping each other. I could not do this without them all. Even the instructors engage on Discord. I am also part of a wonderful study group on Discord.

I started with Introduction to JavaScript. From there I took the HTML & CSS Crash Course. And now I am on the Frontend Developer Career Path. Although I am only on Module 4, I took part in the “24 days of #JavaScriptmas”. Wow the last 24 days have taught me so much. I even have a new best friend; his name is Google lol.

Well, enough about my life, lets get on to all the challenges I have overcome for the last 24 days of #JavaScriptmas. If you do look at any of them, please don’t judge to hard I am new at this.

Deposit Profit
Chunky Monkey
Century from Year
Reverse A String
Sort by length
Count Vowel
Rolling Dice
Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers
Adjacent Elements Product
Avoid Obstacles
Valid Time
Extract Each kth
Array Maximal Adjacent Difference
Photo Change
Interweaving letters
Different Symbols Naïve
Array less then
Alphabet Subsequence
Domain Types
Sum of Two
Extract Matrix Column
Twitter Post
Test your agility

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Great Article Gina, I was a Lotus Notes admin for many years until its demise. Worked my way back into a job and I ended up as a software tester, so there is always a way back into IT. I'm now on career break and doing the same course as yourself. Good luck with everything🙂

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Alex Booker

That is so great to hear (both) 🎉!