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Discussion on: Best Svelte JS Courses to take up this lockdown season!

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Giorgos Kontopoulos 👀

Not sure if you thought my comment was shear demeaning but I believe I am just stating the obvious. According to your title you are busting the myths but MAIN points 1 thru 6 are course/classes teaching svelte hence out of subject ...

What else should be added ? Well points 1 thru 6 should probably be the myths that are busted ...

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Devansh Agarwal Author

I was not pointing you, rather saying in general. People often tend to comment bizzare opinions.

Now coming to your concern. If you read the opening paras, then there I have clearly mentioned The MYTHS I am busting.
As a part of business requirement, I have to add the Courses links. Now it is 'Clickbait' in your perspective but adding some(if not as much as you) value in my accordance.