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Hi, we're Gitcoin and we're super excited to be at CodeLand!

Gitcoin is a remote-first developer community focused on growing and sustaining open source software. We strongly believe that contributors and maintainers in FOSS should be paid for their work and to date Gitcoin has paid out nearly $6M in funding to 10,000+ developers around the world.

We're also part of a variety of great initiatives you can get involved in, including FOSS Responders and Sustain OSS. This year, we're super excited to add Codeland to that list and to work with DEV to help forward our mission.

To get paid to contribute to open source, check out some of our bounties and hackathons here, or, if you're a maintainer, put up a grant for your project.

Got Questions? Let's Chat!

We'll be hanging out at our DEV Connect channel from 12:00 - 4:00p ET today. We'd love to answer any questions you have about Gitcoin, so please swing by!

If today doesn't work, you can schedule a call with us anytime:

or simply leave a comment down below :)

Free Stuff 🎉

It wouldn't be a conference without some free swag.

Please enjoy:

We're Hiring ✨

We currently have three open engineering roles that you can find here.

We also run a variety of incubator style programs, including one with Protocol Labs in August. If you have a decentralized web project you'd like to see get off the ground, reach out and we'll personally help you with your application!

Gitcoin fundamentally wants to see open source software grow and become sustainable, and we believe the DEV Community does too. We're proud to be sponsoring CodeLand to help push this mission forward and hope some of you will join us!

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tricadev23 profile image
Latricia Nickelberry

Hi! My name Is Latricia Nickelberry and I am currently a software engineer student in a boot camp. I would really like to learn more about how to participate in open source projects. Can you send some information on the best practices to get started?

narishsingh profile image
Narish Singh

Good afternoon! My name is Narish Singh, I am currently a full stack Java developer apprentice in a boot camp, and will be graduating in December. I have always been interested in getting into open sourcing but I must admit it seems a bit intimidating as a very new coder. Do you have any recommendations on gauging if a open source project is at my level? Or would it just be better to just jump in, beginning reading documentation and attempt to fix known issues? Essentially, what is the proper way to begin open source contributing?

mohammedchowdhury profile image
Mohammed Chowdhury

Good Morning, I am Mohammed Chowdhury. I graduated with a computer science degree from Queens College, City University of New York, and I am currently attending a full-stack Java Bootcamp. I am expected to graduate this October, and I am seeking a software engineering role.

rozbarnes profile image
Roz Barnes

Hi! I'm a codeschool newbie so please forgive me, but is this sort of like Fivver where developers work on projects that people send in?

artu_hnrq profile image
Arthur Henrique • Edited

Very nice iniciative!