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JSNation is getting an upgrade – We're moving to a bigger venue

People expect a lot from JSNation events – engaging talks, great ideas, opportunities to network – and we need a proper space that would fit all that.

After originally selecting another venue, we decided to go for an upgrade in 2020 – we're happy to announce that we'll be using the Kromhouthal, a former manufacturing hall turned into a trendy event venue, which you might know from our sister conference React Summit Amsterdam.

Our main motivation for the change is to have both the General track and the Node.js track under one roof this time, which wasn't possible at the original venue, and of course we need to have enough space for all the great people coming to the conference – 1000+ attendees, to be precise.

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The Kromhouthal used to be a factory where ship engines were produced, and we'd like to continue this tradition in our own special way – on June 5, the top software engineers are going to gather at this venue to discuss their favorite JavaScript libraries, engines, and up-to-date industry standards.

On top of its rich history, the Kromhouthal is at the heart of the creative and bustling North Amsterdam area, and the place is massive but also very Instagram-friendly with its rough industrial interior, casual atmosphere, and scenic surroundings. As React Summit has proven multiple times, the venue is a great fit for a major JavaScript conference, and we'll be happy to prove that to our audience.

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The Kromhouthal was built across the IJ channel from Amsterdam Centraal, so even though it's not directly downtown, the location is still very central and easily reachable. Moreover, there will be ferries to and from the Centraal station transporting our attendees, so you better get ready for all the fun you're going to have in Amsterdam!

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