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Last Form component you need

gkhan205 profile image Ghazi Khan ・1 min read

I have published my first NPM library for React Form, I have created this form component in my last 3 years of experience, have tested this component with more than 8 projects and found it very useful.

There were times when creating form layouts, handling validations, and creating data for API POST and populating form data from the server took a bit time to incorporate in the application. So with every project, I was working I improved this component and reached a level where I found this component very useful and saved lots of time in Form Development with all aspects I mentioned above.

I saved approximately a day work on working on forms with react apps.

After testing this component with my previous projects I though to create an npm library for this component so that it can be helpful to other developers too.

Formify React

Request you guys to use and give your feedback. Also star this repo Formify React Github

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