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Glad Chinda • Edited

Hi everyone, my name is Glad Chinda and I am glad that I finally get to join this awesome dev community. I am a Frontend UX Engineer currently based in Lagos. I am a lover of JavaScript (TypeScript) and get to work with React and NodeJS in my day-to-day job. In the past I have also worked with PHP and Laravel for building web applications.

I am very enthusiastic about web technologies and always try to make out time to write technical articles and build or contribute to open source projects. When I am not working, I am either reading, seeing a movie, or spending time with friends and family.

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Robert Gold

It's great to see you're utilizing React day-to-day, Glad! Where can we follow your technical articles and do you have a GitHub?

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Glad Chinda

I my articles can be found in a handful of publications on the web — here is a list:

For my contributions and activities on GitHub, you can find my Github profile here: