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I love PHPStorm and have been using it for years now.

Some comments about the bonuses that you list for VSCode.
7) PHPStorm has native terminal support that you can fully customise, I use ZSH in phpstorm terminal
8) PHPStorm has had ToDo list (also combined from multiple files) for years now
9) Again PHPStorm also has Rainbow Brackets
10) PHPStorm also has support for font ligatures, they even recently released their own font Jetbrains Mono

I saw you mentioned that you used GitKraken, have you used Fork) yet? I recently switched to it and am loving it so far.


Hmm, had no idea that phpstorm got ligatures support in the end. I guess my main point is that it doesn't seem to justify the pricing point anymore versus the versatility and features of several free options.

EDIT: I have tried Fork but was rather disappointed at the lack of integrations. Sure, I have to pay for that in GitKraken, but Fork doesn't have them (except for Github - use it only for personal projects and BitBucket), whereas Gitkraken works with the one I need most (self-hosted Gitlab).

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