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re: Changelog: New Home Feed Styling VIEW POST


The dropdown when you hover over the user icon (top right) doesn't work anymore on the home feed.
And as mentioned below the dark theme 😅


Am I the only one that is bothered by this 😅 could be only me
flare tag

I am referring to the flare tag text that isn't vertical centered

Hmmmm looks a little different on my machine. Care to submit an issue?

Done! 😄

Flare tag text vertical alignment #7808

Describe the bug

The text in a flare tag (I believe that is the correct name for it) isn't vertically aligned anymore. I believe this is because of the font change.

To Reproduce

  1. Go to home feed
  2. Scroll to you find a post with a flare tag

Expected behavior

Text should be nicely centered.



Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: MacOS 10.15.4
  • Browser: Brave
  • Version: 1.8.95 (Chromium: 81.0.4044.138)

Additional context

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