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Discussion on: Tour of an Open-Source Elm SPA

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Hi Richard!

We are using your Elm SPA Example as basis for an application. We have a problem we need some guidance on: We need to trigger an API request after a sub page has been succesfully initialized and loaded.
( PrognosisLoaded (Ok subModel), _ ) ->
{ model | pageState = Loaded (Prognosis subModel) } => Cmd.none
As we cannot see a way to do this within the Prognosis subPage, our first attempt was to fire a command in place of the Cmd.none in Main.elm. However the message handling the command will be attached to the Main.elm module making it hard to update the subModel of the Prognosis subPage.

How can this be accomplished?

Best regards

PS! I read in the mailing list of your upcoming Elm book (which I of course has ordered), that you just have been married. My best wishes to both of you!

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