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Discussion on: Git Workflow: Do you commit to master on your solo projects?

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Ganesh Prasad

Normally I work on the master branch in the initial phase. Once I reach a stable state with the most basic functionalities, I branch out. If there are more than one way of implementing something that I need to try out, then implementing them in separate branches makes more sense to me.

Like you mention, while working solo, one works on one feature at a time -- that's true for 9 cases out of 10. Even so I prefer working on a separate development branch. In any case, switching to a stable branch is always faster and easier than finding the stable commit and checking out to that commit.

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I think I'll start implementing this workflow from now on. It makes more sense than the whole "now in which commit did I f things up".

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Tyler V. (he/him)

I've been using and loving this workflow! I mostly started with it because Netlify pushed me toward it.

I will chip away at my side projects between 3-4 computers, so I ended up needing the branches to prevent incomplete work getting pushed to the live site πŸ˜…

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dAVE Inden Author

Netlify is the reason for my working this way too lately. I haven't been working on these projects across multiple computers, but I might. Branching is a good way to help that from getting too messy while keeping the live site working smoothly.

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🦁 Yvonnick FRIN • Edited on

Did you know Netlify has a Deploy preview feature that deploys the code of your branch on a special url ?

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dAVE Inden Author

I have seen this! It looks really useful. I am interested to try it out.

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Guney Ozsan

Some of my projects go like this as well.

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Derick Hess

This is exactly the way I work on my solo projects as well. I prefer master to be the stable branch at all times

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Tanner Woody

I'm reading "prefer" as mandating here πŸ˜‚ Who would want their master to not be the stable branch! That's just scary 😢

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Thomas Philippot

Same for me !

don't know if it's habits, but it makes more sens to me has well.

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Marcus S. Abildskov

I do the same.
After having reached a "stable" repository, I branch out and use Gitflow.
Master should ALWAYS be a working project/application.
When you have CI/CD this is really important as it'll most likely trigger on PRs being merged into your master branch.