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What is React JS

A Brief story behind React:
React is a Java Script library developed by Facebook . It is used to create appealing UI and UX in websites and web applications.
React helps you develop Single Page Applications, website or web application that dynamically rewrites the data in the web page with the new data it receives from the web server instead of reloading the entire web page.

How React works ?
Generally HTML code of a web page gets converted to Document Object Model (DOM), and it is rendered as a web page by the web browser.
React creates a virtual DOM from the actual DOM at first, and displays it to us. Whenever a change is made in the actual DOM, React compares virtual DOM with the actual DOM. And, updates the change in the virtual DOM.
React uses JSX to write HTML code. The JSX code will be transcompiled to Javascript before the browser renders.

Why choose React?
Uses Virtual DOM. So it renders very fast.
Easy to learn, supports code re-usability.
“Learn once, write anywhere library ”. React is the heart of React Native. React Native is a mobile application framework, and react native apps are supported by both iOS and Android.
Not only SEO friendly, but also backed by a strong community, Facebook and Instagram development teams.

Quick Summary
The main idea behind React is to build large-scale SPA with data that changes repeatedly over time, and tackles the challenges.
Provides developers with the capability of working with a virtual DOM, much faster and user-friendly. Also, offers easier creation of interactive UIs, JSX support, component-based structure and much more.

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