Tweak your Terminal for Git

Jason McCreary on May 24, 2017

Tweaking your terminal for Git will not only make it easier to use Git, but also make your fellow developers jealous. Many people have asked abo... [Read Full]
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Great article, but if you have homebrew installed there is much simpler way I think ->


Definitely do so if you're using homebrew. I'm not a fan of homebrew. I typically just install from source given the Unix core of macOS.


Do you mind if I ask what you see as faults in homebrew?
It has served me well. so I'm just wondering

No fault. Homebrew is a great package manager and definitely makes it easy to install things on macOS. However, since macOS runs atop a Unix core, I've rarely found the need to use Homebrew. Often you can make and install directly from source. Admittedly a bit low-level, but I guess I'm used to it from my days as a C dev.

I know that home-brew does alter some permissions and comfortable enough with that. I was just curious. There may have been something about it that I didn't know.

I started as teenager at a time when you needed assembly language to make 8 bit microprocessors work well and have spend most of my working life with the C family. I get the low level thing..


I would add 97 things a programmer should know, to this list.
It is a amazing read containing 97 articles about different aspects of our job as a programmer


Hey, great write-up! I've had a lot of fun tweaking my bash prompt for git recently. I'll have to give some of your suggestions a try.


This is what I was looking for since long!!! Thanks Jason.
Can you suggest me how do we automate(schedule) commit and push at frequent intervals?

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