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How I created a public dashboard for the WIP GitHub App using Logflare

The WIP app is one of the oldest and simplest GitHub apps. It blocks pull requests from being merged accidentally if someone is still working on them:

demo video

It's meant as a reference implementation for others to learn from, the source code is on GitHub, and all revenue from the marketplace subscriptions are donated.

The WIP GitHub app is continuously deployed to Vercel. Vercel has an Integrations Marketplace, which lets you easily integration with other services, e.g. for error tracking or logging. One such service is Logflare. The setup couldn't be easier:

  1. Add the integration to your Vercel app
  2. You will be asked to create a Logflare account
  3. There is no 3rd step

Once setup, all logs are automatically "drained" to a "source" created in your Logflare account.

Pressing the "explore" tab in your logflare source will open Google's Data Studio with the Logflare source already setup as data source. See Logflare's guide for more details.

Note: a paid plan is required to utilize this dashboard feature.

Logflare creates the schema for your logs automatically as new logs come in, and stores the data in BigQuery, which Data Studio can use directly as a data source.

I never worked with Google Studio before, but was able to create a great interactive dashboard within an hour or so. You can see it live at

I am not affiliated with Logflare in any way, I'm just a big fan 😊 I cannot wait to build dashboards for all my GitHub apps now. Make sure to check it out!

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