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Hey Im Grace, I'm actually a designer but I have to pass some programming classes to graduate so here I'm haha so I'm bad at this but I try, now about me, I enjoy drawing and love cute animals, this place seems very friendly so color me surprised, I had no idea a site like this existed but it feels very welcoming <3


as a (self-diagnosed) asperger's case, i'm totally about structure and logic. people like me NEED people like you who can add beauty or style with a bit of markup. - all that to say, "glad you are a part of this".


Awww thank you, yeah programmers and designers are the perfect opposites, when we work together was can make great things


Hi Grace! I mostly do design myself, too. I just joined as well, this community is really cool!


Welcome! 👋

Everyone's at different stages of their learning journey. It's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed or super critical of your own work when starting out. I'm sure you'll kick butt in your courses. :)

Good luck and have fun!


Hi Grace! What are you learning in your programming class?

I also had to take a programming class for my undergrad (minor in electronic music), and I remember it being fun at first, then really hard all of a sudden. What helped me was having a music friend who was a CS major explain things, lol.

I guess that's what this is kind of like? (I'm new here too)


Android studio, I had web programming too but that one was "easy", HTML and CSS are designer friendly.

lol the "We are going to learn how to make apps!" was pretty cool but the more we advance the harder it gets haha, sadly the other majors with programming dont take AS so they can't solve specific questions.

I hear you. Well, best of luck! I don't think I'll be much help either, unfortunately, but hopefully you find some folks here who will be :)


Welcome! I teach game design and we get a lot of art and design students coming over to programming because it's required. Most grit their teeth and bear it and a few get bit by the programming bug and become 'tech artists'! All survive!

We're mostly friendly. I think you're in the right place for help and warm fuzzy feelings about programming!

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