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I made a BAT explorer in Vue.js

Over the past 18 months, I have been really getting into cryptocurrency and all the space has to offer. I work with it in my day job and also now have taken it upon myself to explore certain tokens and coins to see what else the crypto space has to offer me as a consumer and developer. The technology behind the blockchain is super fun to explore and at first quite hard to grasp.

So what is BAT and why did I choose it? Ok so BAT is the token behind BRAVE, the adblocking, cross-traffic trackers browser being pioneered by Brendan Eich, the man who gave us Javascript and Mozilla. Brave's goal is to have a private browsing experience and still allow content creators to get paid and those who view that content to also get paid. That's where BAT (Basic Attention Token)comes in. Built into Brave is a wonderful way for you to Tip sites that sign up to there creator program. So how do you earn BAT? Well, the browser will send you a number of ads per hour and you can choose if you wish to see them or disregard them. Every time you choose to view and ad you get some BAT! Perfect!

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So this is an early-stage version of the build, but right now I think it does the main functions.

View a transaction
View an address
View the ledger
Search for a Transaction
Search for an address

The Tech behind the site is Vue CLI using Axios requests to make HTTP calls to a third party API to get all the information. With the token being part of the ethereum network the next stage is to really start having some drilled down data on the coin and pull some more information out.

I hope you can look at the site and any budding UI designers out there with any tips on how to structure the data, maybe get a good user experience in the next update I would certainly welcome.

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