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Discussion on: Redux is half of a pattern (2/2)

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Greg Fletcher • Edited

Really great article. We need more thought pieces like this.

Honestly, I feel like a lot the problems that people have with libraries like React is that they doing state management wrong.

Give the people createContext and every bit of state goes into context. Create useState and everyone does spaghetti state code.

As an industry we need to have better education and best practices on state management.

That's why a lot of people are resonating with xState. More clarity and some good old CS to back it up.

Recoil also looks interesting, but I fear it will fall to the same trap as Redux. Everyone will use it even when they don't need it. Then they'll complain about it being too complicated.

There is a way forward and that's by having proper conversations about where to go from here. For example your talks radically shifted my point of view on state management and a lot of it came from your in-depth reasoning. I'm sure many others have felt the same.

In my opinion we've come a long way in past decade. But we're definitely needing more articles like this to go further.