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How to Cherry Pick Commits into a New Branch

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to cherry pick a bunch of your own commits into a new branch in git? I personally don't like to use git cherry-pick since it's usually a sign that something went wrong, but unfortunately sometimes it's the only way out of a sticky git situation. This happened to me recently at work and these were the steps I took to recreate my branch.

Step 1

First I needed to search the list of commits to find the ones that were relevant to me:

git log --pretty=format:"%h%x09%an%x09%s" | grep "Liz Lam"

Woah!? What did you just type you ask?!!??! Let's look at it in detail.

git log gives you a list of commits in a repository.

--pretty=format: allows you to format the commits in a way that makes sense to you (or in this case, me).

%h prints SHA1 hash (short version) .

%x09 prints a tab.

%an prints the author name.

%s prints the summary of the commit.

So put it altogether and git log --pretty=format:"%h%x09%an%x09%s" will output something like this:

02705d38d4    Fabien Villepinte    l10n: fr.po Fix some typos from round3    
5a05494049    Fabien Villepinte    l10n: fr.po Fix some typos
ca1b411648    Johannes Schindelin   mingw: safe-guard a bit more against getenv` 
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I then pipe that into grep "Liz Lam" to only get commits by me.

Step 2

Once I have a list of commits by me, I'll inspect and manually pick the ones I'm interested in. Let's pretend I came up with a list like this:


I then create a new branch and cherry pick the list of SHA1 commits:

git checkout -b my_new_branch

git cherry-pick ff92f85cac
git cherry-pick c8879ed156
git cherry-pick b01cb9a3f9

Voila! Now I have a newly created branch with my freshly picked commits.

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prayuditb profile image
Prayudi Tirta Bayu

Thank you, I find this article useful!

Just simplify the command, you can also use git log --author=<author_name> to find the commit for specific author

sarahew1206 profile image
Sarah Waldie

Thank you! I knew this was something I could do, but wasn't 100% sure of how, so I was searching for some guidance. Everything else I found was way too complicated for what I needed. This did the trick!

grepliz profile image
Liz Lam

You're welcome! I'm glad you found it handy!

siddhu1096 profile image

Helpful!! Thanks Liz

grepliz profile image
Liz Lam

Glad it was helpful!

charlymartin profile image

I love how simple and efficient this is, thank you :)