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CI/CD for personal project on homerserver

grmkris profile image Kristjan Grm ・1 min read

Hello everyone,

For the sake of learning a created a simple web-app.

It consist of:
next-js (react) frontend
spring boot backend
postgres db

I am running everything on my homeserver.
I created special VM for this. (ubuntu). I'd like to introduce CI/CD to this. I installed jenkins on seperate VM. I also set-up ssh and all things required to make this work...

For java project I simply build jar and transfer it to the application server and then run it by using remote ssh plugin..

I thought I could do the same for frontend and while I think I can accomplish this the end result would be really complicated & messy...

So I am looking for some good advice / guide where I could learn all of above.

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siy profile image
Sergiy Yevtushenko

These days I'd rather use containerized configuration: one container for frontend, one for backend and one for DB. All components then can be built and packaged as containers and then a small compose script would bring them all together into one network. For some complex testing it might be convenient to bring yet another container with the test runner.

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