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VScode tips on enforcing coding style

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good day.

I am looking for some tips how can I enforce "same" coding style among a team of programmers.

I think we should define stuff like:

  • line width
  • naming of variables to follow the rules I define (cammelCase)
  • spaces instead of tabs
  • etc...

I am not sure how granular should I be in defining the rules? Should I define relaxed rules where everyone can still do stuff like they want? Or should I be strict and opionated.

We program mainly in Java but it would be cool if I could define rules for different languages (mainly Javascript(Angular - typescript and Java).

In ideal world there would be a plugin that would check the codebase based on there rules:

I am really greateful for any tips / help I receive

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Keith Darragh

I believe you should be able to do this via a plugin for vscode. Have you checked out this plugin:

It provides code completion as well as code formatting. For other languages there are linters which you can use with vscode. I wouldn't worry about being too granular on rules. I would focus on using an existing standard for your rules. Makes it more common for other developers who may roll onto the project later.

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Robert Guss

Part of the answer is using an editor config:

Not sure about linting for Java though

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Nguyen An Khang

Did you try Eslint?