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Coding an Instagram Like Bot with NodeJs

Hey there to everyone,

I just wanted to share this here because maybe someone can learn something from it.

What? 💻

Yes, I've built an Instagram bot that basically does the following:

  • Opens up the Instagram Login page
  • Logs in with specific username and password
  • Goes through an [array] of tags and loops over them to get the latest 3 images
  • Click on the images, like them, close the modal


For fun and for educational purposes only, I do not recommend you to use this code in order to spam Instagram.

Therefore this time, I did not give out the Full Code.


Here is how,

A 40+ minutes video that I just recorded in about 4 hours.

Enjoy 🔥

Ps: I also post more about NodeJs and Data Scraping on my blog ->

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