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Science Hack Day Berlin 2017

Last weekend I participated in a great great GREAT event called Science Hack Day Berlin. The idea was to develop a project in the course of a weekend (should have been called Science Hack Weekend, maybe). The subject was totally open, so all kinds of crazy (and some more traditional) ideas were pitched:

We have an awesome rider for this year‘s science hack gig! 11 awesome projects by beautiful people! #SHDB17

— Science Hack Day BLN (@SHD_Berlin) November 19, 2017

I joined a team to produce a SMART HELMET:

We briefed it like this:

This project is designed to support firemen working in enclosed and low visibility spaces by streamlining their operations with the use of sensors and real-time feedback.

A more technical description:

We programmed 2 Arduinos to read input from the sensors and send the data via Bluetooth in real time to a Bluetooth device. The user receives tactile feedback from three ultrasonic sensors by means of three vibration motors and can use this feedback for orientation in closed environments where low visibility prevails.
In addition, multiple sensors track the user’s well-being while wearing the Smart Helmet. The Pulse Sensor is worn on the ear lap to track the heart rate. The humidity and ambient temperature sensor placed inside of the suit can detect pre-signs of a heat stroke. The accelerometer is an independent system that tracks the movement of the wearer and can detect if the user blacks out and falls on the ground.

We ended up winning under two categories: Best Hardware Hack and Voter's Award in a Tie with the Make the Sky Blue again project. A project to change the gray sky of Berlin to a sunny light one for us who suffer during the long winter.

The organizers themlselves made a hack for the voting system, using an old telephone's rotary dial.

Voting like it’s 1976#SHDB17

— Science Hack Day BLN (@SHD_Berlin) November 19, 2017

The complete presentation session can be seen here:

Aaaaaaand we're live! In a few moments we will present the results of #SHDB17

— Science Hack Day BLN (@SHD_Berlin) November 19, 2017

It was a great event. Next time I am joining for sure.

The official documentation website of the Science Hack Day here.

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