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Guido Vizoso
Guido Vizoso

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React headstart for busy people

Hi reader! If you're building the same React initial config over and over this may help.


It started as a way to simplify my development process but I figured out it's time to publish and document what I do so... Here we are!


This boilerplate has what I consider the minimun structure for any react application: Wepack, Babel, React, Styled Components and ESlint.
Github repo:


  • Default project > master branch
  • SASS project > sass branch
  • PostCSS project > postcss branch

How to use it


git clone
npm install
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npm run dev /* Runs webpack dev server and live reloading */
npm run start /* Runs webpack in production mode with optimizations */
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Webpack dev server running


If you're using this boilerplate and encounter any issue, please let me know!


I've just added SASS and PostCSS support!

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