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Guilherme L. Leite Marques
Guilherme L. Leite Marques

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Convert OVA to QCOW2

Hello! In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to convert OVA file to a QCOW2.
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A few days ago I have to install Windows in a virtual environment to test some stuff. Then, I found that Microsoft provides some test images officially at but there are no images to use with KVM. So, what if it would be possible to convert some of the provided formats to a KVM compatible format?

Well, this is possible and much easier than I thought it was. Follow me!

First, we have to extract the files from the OVA file.

tar -xvf MSEdge-Win10.ova

An OVA file is an Open Virtualization Appliance that contains a compressed version of a virtual machine. Now we have two files: the MSEdge - Win10-disk001.vmdk and the MSEdge - Win10.ovf. To convert the .vmdk file to a .qcow2 file to import into KVM we just have to use the qemu-img command as follows.

qemu-img convert MSEdge-Win10-disk001.vmdk the_name_you_want.qcow2 -O qcow2

Observe that I've renamed the file MSEdge - Win10-disk001.vmdk to remove the blank spaces. I always try to do this before work with files in the command line.

That's it! Now we can just move our converted the_name_you_want.qcow2 to the images directory that is usually /var/lib/libvirt/images, but you can place it wherever you wish and import it.

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