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DEVFORMS- A Server-Side solution for front-end devs

Overview of My Submission

DEVFORMS is a Server-Side solution for front-end developers which allows them to submit their website contact form data directly into their email address. During the whole process, they don't need to write a single line of code for server-side programming.

Why DEVFORMS is developed?

Suppose you are a front-end developer or beginner who has a contact form on his/her website, doesn't have any server-side programming knowledge &, you want your website users to submit contact form data directly to your email address, so you can reach out to them. This is not possible without server-side programming, then what will you do? That's the reason it's developed, solves your problem by automating your task.

Submission Category:

  • Choose Your Own Adventure

Link to Code


  • React

  • Node(Express)

  • MongoDB Atlas

Additional Resources / Info

  • Video demonstration :-

  • Screenshots-

Dashboard page

Create-Form window

Integration guide

Form Settings

Form Data into mail

My Inspiration

When I was building my portfolio, I was looking for something that can automatically send my form data to my email address. I tried so much through youtube, copy-pasted so much code to submit my form data but it did not really work for me because at that time I was just a beginner, trying all these things without any knowledge of server-side programming. Later, I found Formspree which is a backend solution for developers. Then I simply created a form on that website & pasted the URL inside my code. As I submitted the form, it automatically sent my form data to my email address. That thing fascinated me.

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