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Improve Resilience with Controlled Chaos Engineering

This post contains resources for the session Improve Resilience with Controlled Chaos Engineering.

While the benefits of distributed computing are undeniable and have revolutionized IT, they do have some challenges. Architectures have grown increasingly complex and can be hard to understand and difficult to debug and test. Chaos engineering is the process of stressing an application in testing or production environments by creating disruptive events, such as server outages or API throttling, observing how the system responds, and implementing improvements.

AWS Fault Injection Simulator

AWS FIS Documentation

AWS Fault Injection Simulator Samples

Chaos engineering on Amazon EKS using AWS Fault Injection Simulator

Increase your e-commerce website reliability using chaos engineering and AWS Fault Injection Simulator

Chaos Testing with AWS Fault Injection Simulator and AWS CodePipeline

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