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Resources for building your SaaS product on AWS

This post contains a large collection of code samples, blog posts, and white papers that in-depth explain and show how to build you SaaS product on AWS. If you have any questions, please reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Code samples

AWS SaaS Factory Monolith to Serverless SaaS Workshop

The goal of this lab is to guide you through a monolith to serverless SaaS migration that provides a more in-depth look at the common moving parts of this problem. Certainly, each solution will have its own unique collection of migration challenges. However, seeing a working example can provide you with insights into patterns and strategies that can help shape your approach to moving your monolithic environment to a multi-tenant SaaS model.

Building Serverless SaaS with Lambda layers

One of the key goals of every software-as-a-service (SaaS) architect, is to create an environment where the complexity of multi-tenancy is largely hidden away from developers. The goal of this session is to introduce frameworks, libraries, and tooling that limits a developer’s need to have any awareness of tenant context. This will free up developers to focus on the features and functionality of their system.

Building SaaS Solutions on AWS

This workshop provides a series of activities for attendees to interact with a functional solution, and hands-on exercises that introduce code and configuration to realize and extend the capabilities of this SaaS environment. The combination of lecture and exercises through the lens of a working reference solution give greater insight into SaaS on AWS best practices.

EKS SaaS - Reference Solution

The code provide here is intended to provide a sample implementation of a SaaS EKS solution. The goal is to provide SaaS developers and architects with working code that will illustrate how multi-tenant SaaS applications can be design and delivered on AWS. The solution covers a broad range of multi-tenant considerations, including tenant isolation, identity, data partitioning, and deployment. It provides developers with a prescriptive approach the the fundamentals of building SaaS solution with EKS.

Saas Tenant Isolation Architecture

Multi-tenant data isolation using PostgreSQL RLS

Using Amazon SQS in a Multi-tenant Solution

Storing Multi-Tenant Data on Amazon S3

Reference Billing/Metering Service

Blog posts

AWS Well-Architected SaaS Lens Helps Customers Transform to a Software-as-a-Service Model

Assessing the Reliability of Your SaaS Environment with the AWS Well-Architected SaaS Lens

Building a Multi-Tenant SaaS Solution Using Amazon EKS

Storing Multi-Tenant SaaS Data in a Serverless Environment with Amazon Keyspaces

Explore SaaS Tenant Isolation Strategies in New SaaS Whitepaper

Applying Dynamically Generated Isolation Policies in SaaS Environments

Explore the SaaS Journey Framework in New AWS Whitepaper

White papers

SaaS Tenant Isolation Strategies

SaaS Journey Framework: Building a New SaaS Solution on AWS

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Victoria Mostova

Hey Gunnar! Thanks for sharing this goldmine of AWS resources for SaaS development. Your curated list is a gem for anyone diving into the AWS ecosystem. It's fantastic how you've laid out not just the tools but also practical insights on how to make a SaaS product on AWS. Much appreciated!