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Thanks for information. I got this error, code error: error sending request for url (dev.jspm.io/react@16.13.1): error trying to connect: dns error: No such host is known. (os error 11001). Deno 1.1.1 - Windows 10 - VsCode 1.46.1

edit: "Cannot find module 'dev.jspm.io/react-dom@16.13.1/server' or its corresponding type declarations.ts(2307)"


I'm not actually able to replicate the issue. This is the Deno version I'm running:

deno 1.1.1
v8 8.5.104
typescript 3.9.2

Have you tried by any chance to manually do :

deno upgrade --version 1.1.1

and then:

deno run --allow-net --reload  ./server.tsx

Using the --reload flag will force a reload of all the modules you have already cached.


I never downloaded before react-dom. I suppose their servers broken temporarly. Thank you.

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