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Discussion on: How do you finish your projects?

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Budi Arsana

As i see you made progress but not finish it, i think your issue is at project management where you lost the motivation to complete the project.

When starting a project, try to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first. List the features that it must have. Then divide it into smaller tasks that you will achieve each step at specific time/day. It is important to keep the goal realistic. Don't put too much features on MVP and don't add too much tasks on daily basis. Having too much tasks and failed to do so will make you feel bad, vice versa.

Then keep the list of your completed tasks, whenever you feel unmotivated. Look at this list and realize what you have achieved.

Another tip is to accept the reality that the first project will not perfect, it's okay. What important is you complete the project based on MVP and deliver. Then we can always improve the project incrementally.