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Why Elixir?

Gustavo Aguiar
Updated on ・1 min read

From the languages I love, Elixir is the only dynamically typed one. I have been mulling over why Elixir, and this post surmises it.

When reasoning about why Elixir, I first reasoned about why ReScript and Rust—the other languages I love. It came down to one thing: Type Systems.

Type Systems gives me the reliability that my code is at least handling the assumptions on data and interface correctly. This, in turn, gives me confidence on the code I'm working with. When I arrived at this conclusion it clicked for me: Elixir gives me confidence even without a Type System.

That confidence comes from Erlang/OTP, which has really great primitives to create fault tolerant systems. So while ReScript and Rust gives me confidence "pre-deploy" because of the Type System, Elixir gives me confidence "post-deploy" because of Erlang/OTP.

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