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Top 3 web application development trends

Top 3 Web Development Trends That Deserves Your Attention

Just like the speed of your 4G LTE, web technologies are moving at the highest speed. You need to be at your best to catch you with the pace, else you’ll be far behind in a twinkle of an eye.

Which is why you need to be in the know as to every web application developments. To keep up the pace, check out what we consider as the top 3 web development trend for 2018;

1. The Growing Popularity of Real Time Web Apps

They have been around for years but in recent times, their popularity is increasing, especially with SaaS development. It’s meeting the needs of users who yearns for faster interaction. No need to check back manually for feedbacks with real time web apps.
It used to be the domain of node.js, but its spreading faster to other frameworks and languages.

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2. Progressive Web Apps to the Rescue

It was announced in 2015 by Google to correct the abnormality of mobile apps, it will help in rebuilding websites. PWA has risen as an alternative and 2018 is the year that its usefulness has come to the forefront.
PWA doesn’t seems to be slowing down at all, it popularity may spill into subsequent years to come.

3. JavaScript and Functional Programming

For those with a love for JavaScript programming, they will understand the impact it is having on functional programming in recent times. The improvement in JavaScript in the aspect of ES6 and ES7 is responsible for the new trend.
Arrow functions, object/array spread and async/await has gotten even better.

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If you keep chasing the latest trends, you'll never finish your project.

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that's not true at all.