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vamsi pavan mahesh gunturu
vamsi pavan mahesh gunturu

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what do I need to learn to build a recommendation engine?

Hi All, I want to build a recommendation engine at work. For that, I want to understand what technologies are needed to build this kind of stuff.

I know to build things related to ruby and javascript at the moment.

There seems to be too much information overload on what to learn in coursera etc. Do I need to learn AI or ML or deeplearning?

Do I need to have any stat background?

Would be great if you can help me with a list of MOOCs than books


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Sylvie Fiquet

I took this course a while back: Machine Learning by Andrew Ng, which has a section on recommender systems at the end, with an assignment where you build a movie recommendation system.

A few things to note:

  • This is a Stanford course and it's rather theory-heavy. Lots of maths, especially matrices.
  • All the exercises are done with Octave, a free software similar to Matlab. This means built-in support for matrices. But as most ML is done with Python these days, once you're done you'll still need to learn Python and the ML libraries.

Professor Ng has since made courses with Python and TensorFlow, which probably give an experience closer to the real-world but I haven't taken them. You can find out about them on One of them is a specialisation on Coursera: