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I‘ll play devil’s advocate here. 😀

Brush up your C++. Latest standard is C++20. Modern language. Zero cost abstraction. You got all the power you need. Using smart pointers you dont even need to manage memory manually anymore. Haven’t needed to do it since C++11.

Python too slow? Write C++ library (or use an existing one) and build python module from it using swig. Call your performant C++ library from your python code.

Want WASM? Compile your C++ code with emscripten. Call it from javascript.

Downside of C++ is package management though. There are some but there isn’t really de facto standard package management for the language.

Mobile and desktop apps? Use Qt/QML.

This is exactly the reason why I’ve been so unmotivated to learn rust: I got better results with C++ for systems programming. For prototyping, small apps and scripting I use python all the time anyway. I also use JS from time to time for frontend stuffs.

So right now I‘m settling for Go for backend purposes. I’m still learning it. I think It’s a good middle ground between performance, security, development speed and popularity.

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