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Software Design

What’s a certain constant about technology ?

It is CHANGES! A lot of them. Those changes keep changing our lives, sometimes slowly sometimes fast, blazing fast. (Respond to change)

Imagine the lovers of bread and butter before the glorious arrival of the toaster, with their little pans heat up one side them the other, all that time spent. Suddenly one day technology comes and gives them the perfect equal heated sides on a toast. What a beauty, life has finally meaning!

Our designs are always being influenced by new frameworks, new libraries, new requisites. We’re always learning all those new things that seem to never end. If there existed some constant on our designs other than new things to learn life would be easier.

I’m starting a series of single page articles to create a common ground for people interested in software design study what can always be used while coding.

We start discussing a set of ideas used to avoid code that slows us down. The goal is to respond to change instead of adding unnecessary complexity on our designs. Those concepts are everywhere so why bother to read it here ?

My main objective is that we can always remember those ideas in a structured and hierarchically organized matter. And as soon as knew ideas appear the articles are going to be improved. For this I’m counting on:

  • Visual representation of the ideias.
  • Repo with every version of the articles.
  • Code exemples for each main idea.
  • Engagement of the readers.

As developers we want to move deliberately instead of rushing aimlessly, following good disciplines that have proven efficient short and long term. Make each side of the toast perfectly crunchy.

The first series is about Object Oriented Programming and the SOLID principles.

Finally a visual representation to organize our studies.
In the next post, we're going to discuss the "Pillars" of OOP.

OOP and SOLID Principles

Post on the repo.

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