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Not that I wish to influence the good doctor too much... but were he to present a tutorial in Haskell that could be added to

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The non-SPA version of the todo list app


The objective of this project is to demonstrate that it is relatively simple to build web applications using HTML, CSS and a small amount of server side code written in a language of your choice.

It's the Todo Minimum Viable Product - the simplest and most extensible application you can write - but perhaps it's also the Most Valuable Player in your web development toolkit. I like to think so!


  • Working Todo-MVP application
  • Nice CSS
  • Good a11y
  • Simple acceptance test
  • Best in class a11y
  • Implement in multiple languages
  • Multiple CSS files
  • Automated deployment
  • Automate the acceptance test
  • ???

The Todo Application

The project consists (or will consist) of the following:

  • Many Todo applications, written in multiple languages, all each serving the same HTML and implementing the same API.
  • An acceptance test to confirm that the application does the above


Whereas I respect the skill and effort…

I'm sure that'd be great... 😄


I'm in two minds about this. On one hand it is pretty much a standard and standards are nice. On the other hand, I'm still rather conflicted about what is the "best" way of making a frontend, so I'd rather not push a particular (mental) framework on this subject.

It does not help that my own frontend is rather simplistic.

Luckily there is a lot of interesting stuff to cover before getting to the frontend, so I can postpone the decision.


I'm still rather conflicted about what is the "best" way of making a frontend

I'm a big fan of offensively simple HTML, as it's accessible and comprehendible to most developers - and so that's what the spec of Todo-MVP requires.

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