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I think it depends on the boot camp, and the background of the student.

Attending a bootcamp myself gave me something I had had an incredibly difficult time building myself: fluency. After graduating, I was by no means ready to be architecting new applications or leading teams, but I was fluent enough to jump into a project and not feel completely lost.

But one thing I also had prior to my bootcamp experience was an engineering degree. This meant I was already an adept problem solver, and troubleshooting code problems came very naturally to me.

While my success in the three years since can't be completely attributed to the bootcamp I attended, I don't think it would've been possible without that experience. A bootcamp won't turn a college dropout into a star coder, but for people who are really only lacking fluency with today's popular tools, I think a bootcamp can be a fantastic experience.


Congratulations on getting through both a bootcamp and an Engineering degree. What are you doing now you've graduated?


Thanks! Right now I'm doing full stack web development for a FinTech company in Chicago. It's my second dev job since graduation, and I've been there nearly 1.5 years.

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