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Week 5 experience time goes up and skills increase

Hello folks! Time goes up, and skills are booming. This week 5 of Bootcamp at Code Of Africa was excellent and worked hard and never give up on what you started in your passion.

This week's tops were APIs security, logs, and tests. As you see, these topics are exciting and required in software development. Why are these interesting? API security helps us to provide permission for the application's resources by setting up who will be able to access an endpoint and who will not have a right to access the endpoint. Imagine every user in a system has the right to access the admin's activity. Can you feel how it's wild? This is what security can handle. Logs pray a big role in software tracking the actions which are happening at any time, and also it helps to know when any issues happen; then as a developer, you can solve it quickly without taking a long time to find where the issue is. Testing is also an excellent topic which is testing. This helps us to know what API is providing as a response meets our expectations?

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My team and I, we had a hard time on Tuesday where slept in the morning like 3:30 AM; it was really hard and I experienced a lots

Again, this week was not about only technical but also soft skills, like design thinking and time management. Everyone needs to experience time management in their daily lives. As a software developer, we do not need to stay in coding we also need to learn more about cultural awareness that will help us to work with the client from different cultural by understanding him/her according to his/her culture without judging the client according to his/her culture. This next week I hope, will be more funny and productive.

Thank you for leading. Cheers :)

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