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All about HTF Connects

HTF Connects

Hello Everyone,
Today I will be giving you a brief idea about the HTF Connects that are conducted every Wednesday around 9 p.m.,now this is gonna be a brief intro because I dont have enough words for discussing all of the discussions that have taken place in the past sessions. So without any further delay lets start with what is HTF?

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HTF stands for Hack This Fall and its a Hackathon that is being organised in the month of October(22-24) and also its the second time this hackathon is being conducted nation wide.This hackathon currently has 1200+ people on its discord server and also approximately same number of people registered for the Hackathon.So I guess the hype is real and do not forget to get yourself registered at Hack This Fall

(P.S. also providing the website link as it also has tons of pre hack surprises hidden for you-: Official Website )

HTF Connects😎-:

Now coming to HTF Connects, so HTF Connects are conducted every Wednesday at 9:00 P.M. IST and is open to all the community members whether you are part of organising team or not and we get to learn a loot of new things in every session conducted as our organiser Mr. Siddharth Dayalwal takes initiative and makes some experienced person join the call and if there is no expert joined in the call we communicate with the other members of the communnity and try to learn stuff from their experiences.

Overall the session is approximately an hour long and we get to learn a loot on different topics. Learning and listening to the views of different people in the community on all kinds of technical stuffs is a good opportunity for clearing the doubts.

And coming to the part that also excites me a loot apart from learning and gives me a push to join this weekly HTF Connects even if I am tired is that in each call HackThisFall has planned a Sticker Pack giveaway. All you need to do is just stay a little active during the session.
I feel learning is itself a very major advantage for the session but here we get learning with earning. So its a doubled advantage.

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So summarising in the next few short points what we do at the session-:

  1. Learning
  2. Mentoring
  3. QNA
  4. Doubt CLearing
  5. General topics to talk
  6. Swag GiveAway
  7. Fun

Now let us discuss what do we discuss in session. So to be honest there is no particular set of topics that we discuss and that is also the best part about it. Because you can give any topic of your choice, you can clear any of your doubts and get answers from other members of the community like recently few of the topics that we had discussed were-:

  1. GSOC(Google Summer of Code)
  2. Getting started with Open Source
  3. Managing Content on LinkedIn
  4. Projects vs CP And many other small topics and doubts that other community members had.

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Overall I really would recommend you all two things at the end of the blog, first get your selfs registered for this Hackathon as this is really gonna be a next level hackathon with so many fun sessions and number of giveaways and prizes. And Second dont forget to join the discord server and attend the HTF Connects as this is really been the best community I have been part off.

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(HackThisFall 2.0 Evangelist)

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