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I began coding because...

... of a word processor. As a technical writer in a hospital engineering group, I was the one who "got the computer" (an early generation IBM PC). I started working with desktop database programs during a financial reporting effort at our hospital, then moved to relational databases, software development, and my second career. In coding and database work, I found a new outlet for my creativity, strengths in asking questions, and interest in storytelling. Coding also dovetailed with my writer's instinct for syntax, structure and organization.

I'm currently hacking on...

Exploring graph databases; working with mapping, spatial data and geodatabases.

I'm excited about...

Continued advances in automated builds and deployment, open source.

My advice for other women who code is...

For young women just entering the field: Always have an active side project, be it paid, volunteer, or your own work for education or enjoyment. Find a mentor to enrich your professional journey.

For women who code: never internalize any marginalization or condescension you may encounter. This can be hard to do, but worth it given the self-esteem and confidence you'll retain. If you're an established professional, give back through mentoring a junior dev, and by volunteering your technical skills as you can to local community groups in need.

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Database and data integration designer and developer, primarily on SQL Server. Small business consultant/developer. Domain areas: healthcare, health insurance, reimbursement.


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