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Paul Hameteman
Paul Hameteman

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Android Jetifier — Can we say Bye-Bye yet

A couple of years ago Google deprecated the support libraries in favor of the new AndroidX library. Jetifier is a tool to do this conversion for you if you are using libraries that still depend on those deprecated support libraries. However, doing this conversion every build might be time consuming and it might not even be needed anymore by this time.

But how do I know if it is still useful?” I hear you ask. Fortunately there is a Bye Bye Jetifier Gradle plugin available by Dipien that has the answer!

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Gradle Plugin to verify if you can keep Android Jetifier disabled

Two simple steps to get you started

Luckily it is very easy to get started! Just add the following dependency to your app build.gradle file.

buildscript {
  dependencies {
    classpath "com.dipien:bye-bye-jetifier:1.2.0"
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The version at the time of this writing was 1.2.0.

At the end of the same build.gradle file, apply the plugin.

apply plugin: "com.dipien.byebyejetifier"
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You’re all set. Now when you run the Gradle command ./gradlew canISayByeByeJetifier -Pandroid.enableJetifier=false in a terminal, you'll get an output telling you if your project is still depending on Jetifier or not. In my case I still have to do some more maintenance.

Failing "Bye Bye Jetifier" output example.
You can not say Bye Bye Jetifier

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