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Hanna Author • Edited

Valid points! My point is more of if you spend more time learning something you (probably) won't use, you'll have limited experience in the technologies you will.

An example is if for say I'm a backend developer and all my projects are backend, but I spend hours learning say react, while it can be useful, in this scenario it doesn't provide any benefit, other than me knowing how to use it.

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I agree.

About the split between frontend technology and backend technology, I think there is value to know at least a subset of the other side in order to better communicate between frontend and backend developpers.

This can help the organization to break silos. It is for instance what the DevOps philosophy is all about by the way. Make Dev and Ops talk and have more empathy to each other.

I don't advocate to dig deeply unrelated techs for the sake of it. Though, having a minimum of general culture helps make better design choices and better communication with peers in my opinion.