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Why Failure and Success are Brothers from Different Mothers?

Failure or Success- A perspective…

When a coin is tossed, there’s a 50% chance it will land upon the side you bet. Similar is our outcome in different chores we perform in our life. One major difference that differentiates our life with tossing of the coin is that we put in a lot of devotion and hard work in our efforts.

But similar to the tossing of a coin, those chores may result in either success or failure. Sometimes even after extreme hard work and perseverance, the outcome is a failure, leaving us shattered.

What happens when failure is the outcome?

Failure is the outcome of mere bad luck or a minor fault which we don’t realize while enduring. We regret about failures when all our efforts go in vain and nothing fruitful comes out.

We get disheartened, thinking we will never succeed and then delve into the domain of negative thoughts.

Students failing in competitive exams, people facing rejections while seeking employment; Life has become a battlefield where success is adjourned as the winner, while failure is looked with pity, remorse, and guilt. This outlook needs tweaking.

What to comprehend?

Success is a destination, but it is the journey full of failures, that deserves an appreciation.

We need to realize that the failure causing such heart-wrenching grief to their heart, is just due to a minor mistake, a temporary glitch that can be rectified in the next attempt.

We need to realize quickly that we are not failures alone. Everyone, and I repeat, everyone who is successful has failed on numerous occasions to reach where he/she is.

So we just have to accept those glitches as normal, without overthinking about it. and move on, and move on. Obviously, it ain’t easy, the reason we have fewer success stories.

People have to take a huge leap of faith to do that. Even though society may blame you, criticize you at an unbearable level, trust me, you can bear them all, provided you compete with none other than oneself.

The course of action:

Analyze: This is the most crucial tool to avoid failures in the upcoming future. The secret to success lies in your failures. People have to just analyze them carefully and draw the point of errors or flaws, and vouch to never repeat them.

Plan: Devise a new plan of approach omitting the mistakes you have analyzed. Use new techniques that you will be able to apply. Avoid sticking to the customary ones which have stopped delivering results.

Enact: Apply the whole plan step by step and execute it as per your calculations. Don’t deviate in the greed of achieving more. In pursuit of greed, you may even lose what you aspire, which will be another failure.

What do you need to remember?

It is very crucial in life to taste failures if we want to succeed in our lives. It’s the significance of all the downtimes of our life that carve us into beings of immense potential to achieve whatever we aspire in our lives.

Although the failures weigh us down in every aspect, they act as the necessary strike or the striving force for success. Very few or even nobody will understand your suffering and pain of your failure, and even consoling may seem to be useless to you.

But you must bear that pain and use it as a driving force into every task. In the end, all your efforts will bear fruits, all the pain will pay off.

Final words:

Success and failures are like two brothers from different mothers as they may seem different, but teach crucial aspects of life. Success is the riped fruit flaunting the strong roots of failure.

Success is the result of hard work and perseverance, whereas failure is the lesson learned to excel in life.

Until and unless you fail, you cannot value the success you achieve. Hence failure is the daring brother which makes you understand the tough portions of life, whereas the success is the joyous brother which makes you relish the happiness of life.

Success makes us learn to stay low and humbleness in our highs, whereas the failure helps us to stay strong in testing times.

Every successful person has failed miserably at least once in their lives, in fact, many have failed repeatedly. But they learned from their mistakes and succeeded greatly.

As they say, failures are the stepping stone to success, the ultimate lesson every successful person around the globe preaches. Hence it is quintessential to maintain a perfect balance of acquaintance between the two brothers, success and failure. Good luck!

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