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What is next.....??

hariclerry profile image Harriet Ayugi ・2 min read

It has been over two months into my internship at Wikimedia foundations under the Outreachy program. I have written some blog posts about the internship here. I'm really excited about the journey so far. There has been a lot of learning, building stuff, and experiences. Before starting to contribute to open source projects, I had the imposter syndrome whereby, I felt like because I didn't know much, I would fail and be probably be ousted but to my surprise, open-source communities are one of the most patient and tolerant communities I have ever come across! My mentors have been so supportive during this journey and I'm really grateful for that.

The internship will be ending in a few weeks and the question that I'm asking myself right now is, what is next? I have thought about this and I have come to the conclusion that I need to get a job or internship as I continue to make contributions to Wikimedia foundations after the internship. I will be taking the following steps when the internship ended;

  • Go on a vacation for a week or two
  • Update my Resume
  • Update my Linkedin
  • Apply for jobs
  • Network by joining active community groups or job opportunities mailing groups.

During my internship, most of the work I have been doing is related to test automation and a bit of continuous integration. Prior to the internship, I have had experience building frontend applications using Javascript/ReactJs. Below are some of the experiences and skills I have gained during the internship;

  • Test automation using Microsoft playwright
  • Continuous integration using Github actions With these skills and experiences, I'm open to remote roles with Frontend and Test automation full-time/part-time job opportunities or internships.

Moving forward, I do plan to continue learning more about test automation and test automation frameworks like WebdriverIO, Puppeteer, and Cypress.

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