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Preparing For The Looming Employment Crisis

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The four biggest recent technologies are artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and the internet of things. While they are all being celebrated, only a very few people are thinking about their downsides. Organizations are using the combinations of these technologies to automate their processes to cut cost, increase speed, raise accuracy and people are losing their jobs. So, app developers India will continue to develop more apps.

Before discussing the reasons the world could be headed for a global employment crisis, it is better to start with the numerous benefits of the four technologies listed above and apps that they were developed by app developers India. As it is right now, there is virtually no industry that app developers India have not touched.

There are apps for banks, there are apps for Forex brokers and traders, and manufacturers of home appliances now work in conjunction with app developers India to develop an app for each new appliance. One thing app developers India target is convenience. You can now conveniently do a lot of things on your smartphone that were not possible before.

Take the banking app for instance, through the app, you can check your account balance, pay your utility bills, transfer funds and even confirm deposits at any time of the day within the comfort of your home. This was not possible years ago. The advent of apps brought about the technological advancement.

Online bettors can now bet on their favorite team on the go through their phone. This is because betting companies now have their apps through which players place a bet. Even Forex brokers are not left out. Every broker now has an app. Forex traders no longer have to sit in front of their computers for hours to monitor a trade. They can now do it on the go through the app of their broker. In addition, they no longer have to miss out on a trade because they are not at home when the trade signal came up. They can also do that anywhere they are from their app.

There are so many self-development apps and educational apps. For instance, the Khan academy is one of the best and biggest educational apps. It has over 10,000 materials for different subjects. So, students, teachers, and even university lecturers make use of the app for research purposes. One thing that makes it stand out is the fact that all the academic and informational resources on the app are completely free of charge.

Having discussed some of the positive implications of the Internet of things and other technologies on human lives, it is also necessary to outline the reasons people should prepare for a global employment crisis.

1. Someone loses his job for every automation

Do you realize that for every successful process automation carried out someone loses his or her job? Yes, as an employee, you will celebrate every successful automation in your company. But do you know that it is just a matter of time, your own job will also be automated? App developers India will soon develop the app that will take over your job.

2. The odds are in favor of machines

Machines, software, and robots have taken over what used to be human jobs and the trend will continue. Unfortunately, the odds are not in favor of human employees because of the following reasons:

• A robot can do the job of more than 10 people successfully

• Robots don’t call in sick

• Robots don’t go on leave

• They offer speed and accuracy

• Most importantly, they don’t take salaries or any allowance

If you are an employer of labor too, you will also automate all your business activities since it will help you cut cost drastically. Here are some cases of robots taking over human jobs.

3. Some of the jobs already taken over by machines

A. Smart cars

While the world anxiously awaits the full launch of self-driven cars, only very few realize that it will come with a price. By 2030 when over 50 percent of the cars on the road will be self-driven cars, thousands of drivers would have lost their jobs. In fact, this is worse than loss of job. If you lose your job in one company, you can get it in another. But in this case, they won’t just lose their job, their profession will become irrelevant. Remember, what makes it a job is a demand for it. No matter how good you are at what you do, if there is no demand for it, it is a mere hobby and not a job.

B. Factories and assembly plants

Robots have taken over human jobs in assembly plants and other factories. Only a few humans now work at the helm of several factories. As mentioned earlier, robots don’t get paid. Besides, doing the same thing over and over again for several years can lead to monotony of job for humans but robots lack emotions. They will do it happily for decades.

C. Telemarketing

Telemarketers are losing their jobs too. Robots are gradually taking over the calls. And you know what? Bots won’t react to insults like humans since they lack emotions. That is even beside the main advantage. The main advantage is that robots will never ask for sales commissions no matter how much sales they are able to make.

Here are some other professions that are being threatened by technological advancement:

• Compensation and benefits managers

• Bookkeeping clerks

• Receptionists

• Clerks

• Sales agents

• Couriers

• Proofreaders

• Computer support specialists

• Market research analysts

• Astronauts

Bear in mind that the list is longer than this and it will keep increasing. This is not to say technology advancement is not a blessing but each of them comes with a price. Even if you think it is a bad idea, you can’t stop it. The only thing you can do about it right now is to prepare yourself for it.

4. How to fortify yourself from the looming employment crisis

Change your profession to any of the ones that can’t be easily automated. You should also guide your kids to choose careers that can’t be automated easily. Here are some of the professions that can’t be taken over by robots easily:

• Music/singing/dancing

• Sports

• Acting

• Event planning

• Writing

• Software development

• Editing (not proofreading)

• Graphic design

• Robotics and automation

• General programming

• Law

• Some areas of medicine

• Quantum computing

• 3D printing

The list could be more than this. You can do a research to find out more professions that can’t be automated easily. The sooner you begin to prepare yourself for the looming technology-driven employment crisis the better. Technology advances faster than you think.

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