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Everyone is talking about how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing various areas of daily life. Of course, companies could not be left behind, so many of them have begun to invest in artificial intelligence to grow their businesses.

According to a Narrative Science report, in 2016 38% of companies used artificial intelligence, a percentage that will rise to 62% by 2018.

IDC estimated that the artificial intelligence market would grow from $8 trillion to more than $47 trillion by 2020.

The question to ask ourselves is: in what way are we prepared to integrate artificial intelligence into our businesses? AI can be used in mobile apps developed by a mobile app development company.

Here are 10 of the leading artificial intelligence technologies that are becoming popular this year

1. Generation of Natural Language

It is a sub-field of artificial intelligence that consists in creating text from obtained data. This technology allows computers to communicate ideas with excellent precision and accuracy.

It is currently used in customer service, generation of reports and in the summary of market intelligence findings.

2. Speech Recognition

Many devices integrate the change and transcription of human language into different forms for computers to understand. It is currently implemented in interactive voice response devices and applications developed by mobile app development companies.

3. Virtual Agents

A virtual agent is a computer or program capable of interacting with humans. This technology is already trending, and different companies are already making use of it. It is currently used in customer service and for the management of smart homes.

4. Machine Learning Platforms

Now computers also learn and then they can become smart!

Automatic learning or machine learning is a branch of AI whose objective is to provide methods that will enable systems to learn.

They provide algorithms, APIs development tools and training, as well as processing and real-time analysis of big data, platforms with machine learning are becoming more popular every day.

Currently, they are used in a variety of business applications, mainly to make predictions or classifications. Mobile app development company can build apps with this features that will complement the efforts of the people.

Brands use Artificial intelligence to provide platforms that analyze massive data (millions of data) of digital advertising campaigns around the world. What do you do with this data? It gives them shape and meaning, using intelligent algorithms to detect successful patterns and learn from these trends to be able to repeat them.

What does this mean? In making sound investment decisions in digital media; in such a way that, through all these immersed artificial intelligence technologies, the platform learns and knows precisely which digital media generates the most sales, and right there, it channels most of the investment.

5. Optimized Hardware with AI

There is not another option. The hardware has to begin to be more user-friendly with artificial intelligence technologies, and this envisages the creation of graphics and device processing units specifically designed and structured to perform AI-oriented tasks.

6. Decision Management

The intelligent machines already insert norms and logic to the systems of artificial intelligence, and they are used for the initial installation, maintenance, and adjustments of any system or business operation.

It is used in a wide variety of business applications, assisting or executing automated decision making. In addition to automating the creation of advertising campaigns, it makes investment decisions in digital media that generate more profits for business.

7. Text Analytics and NLP

Natural language processing (NLP) uses analytics of text to facilitate the fundamental understanding of the utterances, and also their interpretation, intonation and what they mean using statistical methods and machine learning.

It is presently used in security systems and detection of fraud, and also in apps for the extraction of unstructured data. A company that specializes in the development of mobile applications are integrating this technology into their apps.

8. Deep Learning Platforms

This technology is a precise type of automatic learning that consists of neural and unnatural circuits with multiple layers of abstraction. Apps developed by mobile app development company can imitate the functions of the human brain to process data and creates patterns that will be used in decision-making, as also happens in the example above. Currently, it is mainly used in identifying patterns and categorizing apps that are compatible only with large-scale datasets.

9. Biometrics

This technology contemplates the identification, measurement, and analysis of the physical characteristics (shape or composition of the body) and behavior of people. This technology enables communication between machines and humans, such as - but not limited to - body language, speech, image, and recognition of touch.

10. Automation of Robotic Processes

This automation is achieved by integrating scripts and various strategies to imitate and automate human tasks that support operations of the organization.

Presently utilized in cases where it is ineffective and costly for individuals to perform a specific task or process. Of course, remember that artificial intelligence does not come to replace human capacity, but rather to complement and enhance all the talent that people have.

This platform computerizes sales processes and marketing using AI systems, contributing to the human talent. This technology will enable agencies and companies stop spending hours performing repetitive and mechanical tasks - as is the guide in digital media - and be relocated to innovative and strategic posts where they feel much more comfortable and can exploit their potential to the fullest.

What do you think of these AI technologies?

Most of these are already becoming the right arm of various companies around the world. Artificial intelligence is not only for big. Many of the artificial intelligence tools emerged precisely to make technologies like these accessible to small and medium-sized companies that wish to have a significant presence on the Internet to grow their businesses and be more competitive. Mobile app Development Company can help integrate some of the technologies into apps for various brands.

So it's time to take the next step. For results to be seen, methods have to be changed. Businesses should take the initiative to improve before their competitors do.

Also, to be at the forefront means to be able to make visionary decisions and adapting to new technologies. Contact the best mobile app development company to get an app with the latest technologies.

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