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Silly Questions I am Afraid To Ask On StackOverflow: 001

Hey everyone, me again.

Can anyone push me in the right direction to understand how a website like Product Hunt stores its data once someone submits a project?

Is this done with a normal database?

Thank you.

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This is what they said three years ago:

Our stack is intentionally as boring as possible. We are a perfect simple rails app in the backend.

Frontend UI is nowadays done in ReactJS to allow the more complex pages and UX.

Stack: Cloudflare, Heroku, PostgreSQL, Redis (for Sidekiq), Memcache, Mandrill, Newrelic, Algolia (Realtime search), ReactJS (for frontend ui)

It seems to be more or less the same now:

So, it's a Rails app, with PostgreSQL as a database.

Boring technology ;-)