AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice (CLF-P01)

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I've just passed my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice (CLF-P01) exam and thought I'd share some findings.

Free resources

Paid resources

There was an offer such that Stephane Maarek's Udemy Course was free and that's good too but you'll probably need to pay for it but try the free resources first and see how you feel.

There are practice exams for $20 (excl tax) from AWS but that's pretty much the cost of Stephane's course.

The exam

  • Due to Covid-19 and the convenience of it, i did my exam using Pearson Vue's online system which you register for by using this.
  • It was $100 (excl tax) and you can choose from lots of time slots.
  • You get 100 minutes for the exam.
  • You have to install something on your machine which is where you do the exam and your machine must have a webcam and microphone
  • You can start the check-in process 30 minutes before the exam start and this is where you provide pictures of your room and government id (e.g. passport). After you have checked in, if there is more than 5 minutes before the exam, do not hit the next button (you'll know what i mean) as you will have effectively started the exam conditions.
  • Eventually, a few minutes before your exam start time, an invigilator/proctor will use online chat, having access to your webcam to check a few things around your desk. You will need to clear all sorts of things such as stationary, drinks, food so they are all out of reach.
  • Yes you cannot eat or drink during the exam and cannot leave your chair.
  • They watch you during the entire exam. I was picked up (by a second invigilator) that I was looking away from the screen - but I was trying to think about an answer. I understand where they are coming from though.

Good Luck.

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