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Food Calorie Counter

Note: This is my first post on Dev, so any comments on how it can be improved are welcomed! :)


Hello World!
This is a post about one of my projects which I built during my college days. This is part of $ git remote <graduation> yearbook.

My Project:

The project is an Android application that tracks your daily calorie consumption. To make it easy for the users to log the food items, it uses the smartphone camera to capture the image of the food item, or we can choose an existing image from the gallery. It then detects the food item that is present in the image and the approximate nutrition information in the food item. Once the user chooses that he has consumed the item, it gets added to the database and the calories consumed are updated accordingly.

The user can also set the daily goal for calorie consumption according to his convenience. The app also has charts for the user to easily track his calorie consumption across the week. As an add-on feature, it can also calculate the BMI of the person.

Link to Code:

All the code for my project is hosted on the following url:

GitHub logo harshshinde07 / Food-Calorie-Counter

A Simple android app to keep track of food items consumed daily with its nutrition information

How I built it:

Android studio was used along with Java programming language to create the app as it was created some time back. For detecting the food items from captured images, a custom Tensorflow lite model was created and added into the application. To get the nutrition information like the calories, proteins etc. FatSecret API was used.

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories:

Although the application lacks some features for it to be production ready, it was fun creating it as a part of the academic activities. I got to learn a lot about how to create custom ML models and incorporate it into the android application, how to use APIs to get data into the application, charting and lot more!


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