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It is not about code



There is some time since I started to use and I have tried to write something that I feel meaningful here many times and never could because technology is important but I didn't feel that I could make a difference by showing some code.

So right now I want to talk a bit about software development as a whole because the next modern tech will not solve your problem (mostly).


I have started to work with software development in 2010, and in the last 10 years I have worked with shell scripts, pure PHP, Zend, Yii, Symfony, and Laravel, python, Django, spark, TensorFlow, sci-kit learn, Objective-C, Swift, Java for Android, Cordova, Flutter, Xamarin, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, etc, and the technology evolve to solve new problems, but the main problem that I had to deal all the time was:

1 - The business rules were not clear enough

You start to work with something that was requested for and in the middle of the process everything changes, something wasn't considered, some business rule is not well defined and will generate bugs in the future.

2 - The code is a mess

You need to work with a code that is not yours and it is a mess, you spend much more time trying to understand what the heck is that

3 - People that do not understand code, saying to you how to code, or giving deadlines that aren't feasible

Sometimes it happens

None of these problems are really related to the technology itself, maybe if you work on Google or Facebook, you will face other kinds of main problems but well, you got it.


Moving the frontend to a SPA, creating APIs to everything, and putting your project to run on Kubernetes won't solve any problem if you are not solving the problems that these technologies were created to solve.

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